AGM 2017 - April 2017

Chairmans Report

“The purpose of this meeting is to inform you about what your committee have achieved during the past year and what our plans are for the future. I will begin by giving the Chairman’s Report. Following that the Treasurer will speak about the financial aspects of the village hall and from that point we will simply follow the agenda.

I am happy to take questions at the end of the Chairman’s report and at any appropriate point during the meeting. As you can see from your agenda there is a Q and A session at the end of the meeting.

You will all be aware that almost three years ago we made a significant alteration to the then existing constitution of the village hall. I refer of course to the alteration which allows members to serve on the committee for a maximum of three years only before taking a compulsory ‘break’ of at least twelve months. Although this alteration initially met with some resistance it now appears to be working. During my three term as your Chairman, the entire committee has changed. The purpose of this alteration is to encourage new committee membership, fresh ideas and ‘new blood’ without anyone viewing committee membership as a ‘life sentence’. I firmly believe that this is the way ahead. However, more recently, your committee agreed to modify this change so that now only the ‘officers’ are obliged to relinquish their posts after a maximum of three years but members may serve for longer if they wish. Notification of this alteration has appeared in the Link magazine and on the Village Hall website.

Turning to the fabric of the village hall. Much has been achieved by the committee this year and the committee during my term as chairman and I would like to take this opportunity to thank the present and past committee members for their support. During the past three years the car park has been extended, walled and fenced, the hall decorated externally, kitchen cupboards installed, extra cupboard space created, the toilets tiled, the sign and floodlight replaced, the area to the rear of the hall improved and our own water supply created. Additionally, we have achieved Hallmark Level 2 and created a very useful Postbridge Village Hall website.

All the mandatory checks and inspections including water purity, fire and electricity have been undertaken recently and satisfactory standards achieved.

All of this work, coupled with the improvements to the kitchen, the ground clearance to the rear of the hall and the introduction of a website have made the hall a much more attractive venue to potential hirers. This is evidenced by a marked increase in bookings this year as well as last. Additionally, increased usage of the hall has resulted in increased revenue as you will see from the Treasurers report shortly.

It only remains for me to sincerely thank lots of other people as well. I would like to thank Annabelle Caunter who has kept the hall in such an immaculate condition. Tessa and Steve for continuing to organize the monthly draw in aid village hall funds as well as becoming committee members along with Julian as our Dartmoor Parish Council representative. Gerald and Annie for remaining as ‘key holders’. Helen Gay for her work with the fortnightly whist drives. Bob Martin and John Churchley for tiling the toilets, Sue and Frank for their continued support and last but, not least all of you who support the village hall regularly in so many ways and so very well. I apologize in advance to anyone that I have mistakenly missed out.

Finally, I would like to again sincerely and publicly thank all the committee members for their commitment and hard work over the last year. Village halls do not run themselves and there is a terrific amount of work which goes on behind the scenes which I suspect you may not be aware of. In particular, Jackie and Pat have now devised a much improved bookings system. Sue has done a sterling job in the media and PR arena, and Pat has given me every support in his role as treasurer. Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for listening to me”.

Minutes from this meeting are available to download here